You have further questions? Then feel free to contact us at consumer[at]landpack.de

Business customers please contact info[at]landpack.de and www.landpack.de

Where can I buy your packaging?

Thank you for your interest in our sustainable insulated packaging! We currently only sell to business customers. If you as a private person would like to get your hands on a Landbox, please contact us at consumer[at]landpack.de and we will give you some names of the shops that use our Landbox.

Can I reuse your packaging as a picnic box?

Of course! Then you also have built-in seat cushions🙂 If the picnic leads to a barbecue, you can also burn the packaging afterwards. Or reuse it, again and again!

How is the straw treated?

We remove dust, clean and sort the straw during processing. Hot steam is used for in-process disinfection. No chemicals, no additives and no adhesives are used. This means that you have arguably the cleanest and purest straw in the world in your hands.

Can I give the straw or hemp to my hamsters and rabbits?

Your pets will be delighted with the dust free and cleaned straw! As bedding, this kind of straw quality probably does not exist yet. Neither the straw nor the hemp mats
contain any kind of additives and are ideal for sensitive small animals.

I don't have an organic waste bin. Can I also dispose of the packaging as residual or paper waste?

You can dispose of all our packaging in the residual and even in the paper waste bin. Disposal with residual waste leads to burning the straw and hemp – which is CO2-neutral. In the paper waste bin, the fibers are used for recycling paper.

However, you could generate biogas and nutrient-rich
compost with our packaging via the organic waste bin. The organic waste bin has been mandatory for every household since 2015 and in many regions it is even free of charge for disposal!

Where do you source your straw?

Landpack straw comes from the immediate vicinity of our production site in Alling near Munich, Germany. We source our straw from within a radius of < 10 km from contract farmers with whom we work closely. The Landbox is a regional, truly honest product.

Where does the hemp in your packaging come from?

The hemp fibers come from neighboring countries in the EU. The Netherlands, Romania and France have larger hemp growing areas than we do in Germany.

Does the hemp contain THC?

No. It is industrial hemp, where the THC content must be <0.2% and it is controlled by the authorities. Highly impressive, however, is the insulating function of hemp. This plant is just able to do very, very much. Actually, it’s a pity that it is not cultivated on a larger scale.